About Me

Hi, I'm Nick, and I'm a huge nerd.

I am nonbinary and I use they/them pronouns! I do lean more towards male presenting roles in my acting.

My interests include screaming at the ocean, being the dungeon master to my friend's D&D games, and working a day job for the sole purpose of keeping my cats healthy and fed.

Jokes aside, bringing people together is my passion, and I've found the best way I've been able to do that in my life is with my art. If you're interested in reading more details about my life and thoughts, here's a short novel I wrote for you!

I was born in Texas, but I hardly call it home. I moved when I was very young, and by eleven I had landed in Cheyenne, Wyoming, where I spent the rest of my teenage years. As a kid, I always loved exploring and imagining; crafting stories and games before I even knew what creativity was. When a close friend suggested I try out a drama class my freshman year of high school, I hardly knew how my life would change in a short few months.

My first performance was a Samuel French play for kids called, "Wooing Wed Widing Hood." It was awful. I played three parts because our class was small, and I learned what a quick change was pretty quickly. Soon after, I had my first true performance: Brighton Beach Memoirs by Neil Simon. That's when I discovered the beauty of the artform, and what was so intoxicating to me about it: the unity it brings to the human soul. Family I hadn't seen in years, friends that I had been drifting apart form as the natural flow of time set our trajectories apart, people I didn't even know; all were one in this wonderful shared experience we call art. People from all cultures, all backgrounds, all walks of life can enjoy a single thing together, even if it's temporary in the moment.

After that, I was dead set on my goals. I was to be an actor.

At 18, I auditioned for the American Musical and Dramatic Academy of LA. I was accepted, and attended it in Hollywood over the following four years. It brought me close to a few of my mentors and favorite collaborators, and led to my Bachelor's Degree of Fine Arts.

Then I realized I can bring my goals to life in more than just that one way.

Thus I fell in love with filmmaking. And writing. And I co-founded a production company.

My goal is the same; to bring people together in the shared and beautiful experience of my art form, and by that endeavor, I continue to create in every way I can, every moment that I can.

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